Monday, September 28, 2009

1 month!

it's hard to believe that one month ago i landed in this beautiful place called Arequipa...
more and more i have been starting to pick up spanish... today as i was waiting at the post office (which by the way, there is 1 for 1 million people and it is only open 3 hours a day) and i was able to have a conversation with some of the ladies there.
i am missing home and my friends,
but i really am growing to love many people here.
i am so very blessed to be on this journey with alyssa...
in 1 month we will be in puerto maldonado doing a big impact project!
thank you all for your support...
i really do appreciate it:)
Leanne Bennett
please pray for:
continued safety,
continued speed on picking up the language

PS some of you have been asking for my address...
it is
Leanne Bennett
Avenida Lima 110
Arequipa, Peru

Friday, September 11, 2009

my first 2 weeks in Peru

I have been in Peru for almost 2 weeks. It is hard to believe because these 2 weeks have been the hardest/yet 2 of the best of my life.
I am living in Arequipa, Peru with a local family here studying the language.
I am working for extreme nazarene in the planning of an event called familyzone, an outreach for families in Cusco.
I am meeting many new amigos! People here are nice, even when I mess up my spanish! :)
Upcoming Events:
I will be going to Puerto Maldonaldo (the jungle) for a 2 week impact project the 3rd week of October. There we will be showing the Jesus film, playing with the kids, praying for people, and doing whatever needs to be done! Please pray for me to learn the language quickly!
Please Pray for:
language training,
my health (already been facing the flu)
thank you for all your support!