Thursday, July 2, 2009


i have recently been thinking about mediocrity.
i cling to areas of black and white whereas i find we are drawn to the grey areas.
things like not doing what you love, settling to ensure you'll never be alone, never fully allowing yourself to dream bigger has been a way of life.
but i wonder,
what if we dreamed bigger?
what if we challenged more?
maybe that is what Peru will be for me. My hope is that I will go beyond the daily routines, to find myself pushed to the point of exhaustion yet also to true joy.
to learn a new culture, way of life.
but more importantly to learn of kingdom culture.
where we give more than we take.
where we become something other than just us.
less than 2 months.
i'm excited,nervous,scared,details overdrive,
the usuals.

1 comment:

  1. Leanne - may this adventure explode your horizons until you can never settle for small thinking or living again. Looking forward to hearing all the stories!