Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amazon Adventures

As I sit down to write this I am amazed at the fact that I am in the Amazon Jungle am able to post a blog.
Since arriving here I have
  • become sunburnt
  • grown attached to hundreds of different kids
  • played many many parachute games
  • and been a part of a medical clinic focusing on towns stricken with poverty and in many cases no clean water.

I have also been aware of God's calling on my life. I would love to be living in a missions field in my own special way, ministering through early childhood education. My dream has always been to work with preschool aged kids and more and more this has become more evident in an international setting.

Today I faced one of the hardest moments of my life as I had to turn down about 50 patients from our clinic because we were full. With that said, we were able to help more than 200, all while sharing the love of Christ in our lives.

There are a few things I would love your prayer on:

1. (and maybe the most on my mind) because of the extra travelling i have done for the projects here and the exchange rate it has been more expensive for me to live here than I originally thought. I will need to raise about an additial 4000 dollars to continue this mission without going into debt.

2. For God to continue moving hearts of the people here. I cannot even express how many people I have grown attached to. God is working in BIG ways.

3. For continued health and safety. We have been working very long days.... many times without sleep... but we need your prayers.


Leanne Bennett

PS. yesterday I conquered my biggest fear.... snakes... I HELD AN ANACONDA!

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